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Teamwork: My Rant

2010.12.16 18:57 mt3chn1k Teamwork: My Rant

Teamwork. The holy grail for many FPS gamers.
The only problem is that too much of it has ruined games.
Back in the day, playing Tactical Ops, I lusted after the future in gaming... games where you friends could be in a tank, in a plane, and you would help each other, working like a team. And the results would be STELLAR.
And as time went on, the games improved past singlar skills to a team vibe. The Unreal Warfare games added link guns and stuff like that to help team efforts... and Battlefield games came along and added supply guys and medics, along with combined arms... and TF2 came along, with medics and engineers - where the right balance of the right classes is unstoppable. L4D where the right 3 friends can get you through anything, as long as you stick together as a team.
And there is the problem.
Teamwork has gone too far.
I'm more than willing to be bored off my can being an engineer, keeping up a teleporter, or a medic, working up ubercharges... but if my team doesn't have excellent players on it, it's getting rolled. And getting rolled in TF2, BC2, L4D2, sucks.
In L4D2 a simple "not strong" player can doom your team, then after the second map, people are leaving.
In TF2, if one team is rolling, the other is getting rolled.
In BC2, one team has two engineers helping their APC, that you cannot destroy, and as a result any spot outside of a building means you're getting shot.
As much as I might try to rally my team, these idiots don't know that you need three engineers coordinating rockets... or you need to kill the medic that keeps ubering...
If your team isn't made of all top-notch players, you're getting schooled.
It's almost refreshing to go play CODBO where you aren't as hampered by idiotic team members.
And no, I'm not a "hide in the corner" sniper, I'm at the front lines, dying to get the flag to turn, or hack a computer, or whatever skill we need. But fuck if I'm going to be an engineer when nobody is pyro checking. And fuck if I'm going to be an engineer trying to place a dart on an APC to then lob rockets, when poking my head out will get me killed and no team to back me up.
Teamwork is great, but the amount of focus that it has gotten has made it impossible sometimes to enjoy the game if you don't have the right team to work with you.
So, I'm enjoying CODBO, and if your team sucks, the other is rolling with kill streaks, but at least I'm not getting rolled by a medic-heavy combo again.
And yes, I'll play BC2:Vietnam when it comes out, but I'll probably get frustrated by it too once I don't have enough friends to field a good team (because they got bored and moved on to mass effect 6)...
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