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[META] Weekly "Unknown" Identification Thread — 2020-08-26, Week 34

2020.08.26 17:05 translator-BOT [META] Weekly "Unknown" Identification Thread — 2020-08-26, Week 34

Here are the posts from the last week still marked as "Unknown." Please help identify them if you can!
Date Title Author
2020-08-26 [Unknown>English] What is the meaning? u/Chrison208
2020-08-26 [Unknown Language > English] Is anyone able to translate this please? u/ItsJustBenja
2020-08-26 [unknown > English] does anybody know what language this is? u/Skewzhe_On_Reddit
2020-08-26 [unknown => english] I work as a stocker, when I was unloading a stack of dog food and uncovered this bad boy. I thought it was just gibberish, but my friend said some of it looks u/Bungstin
2020-08-25 [Unknown > English] This may be cursive cyrillic, but I can't really tell u/basileus_1812
2020-08-25 [Unknown > English] Short-hand? Another language? Can anyone decipher this postcard from 1955? u/avalonbowser
2020-08-25 Unknown to English.... Noviembre - Kasım ( Sanat içinde geleceği barındıran bir Silahtır) u/Oldmate81
2020-08-25 [unkown > English] some writting on a gun from ethiopia u/surplus_guy
2020-08-24 [Unknown > English] u/Designer-Ad-8389
2020-08-23 [Unknown > English] Found this on a t-shirt from Kathmandu. Nepalese? It’s from an artist collection. Could it be a signature? u/iskra099
2020-08-22 [Unknown > English] Spacebar's art style looks Japanese, but the writing may not be. What does it say? u/DifferentQualities
2020-08-22 ?>English. Unclear if this is a language? Found this on a random page in a notebook I bought recently. u/NormalCharmander
2020-08-21 [ unknown > english ] saw this in one of my favorite movies ever (the color of pomegranates. the majority of the the movie is in armenian with bits of georgian and whatnot but this u/heywhatsyournam
2020-08-21 Unknown > English, Hey can someone please translate the name on this artwork? Thanks! u/Flexarooni
2020-08-20 [Unknown > English] How do you say bullshit u/alya-af
2020-08-20 [Unknown > English] My father found this ring years ago. I haven’t been able to find anyone that knows what it says. u/Panicattackoncrack
2020-08-20 [X>English] Hello! I’ve been trying to translate this audio file, and only now I’ve discovered this subreddit. So, at first, i thought it was a Slavic language, so I posted it on a u/Marcelo_Teixeira
2020-08-20 [Unknown->English] if possible. Does this look like any known alphabet? u/GlowingKindness
2020-08-19 [Unknown > English] Short audio translation request, source language unknown. u/allenrabinovich
Please make any identifications on the individual request pages.
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